Sunday 2 March 2014

Summer Vibes

As much as i love Spring, why does it still have to be so bloody cold! Yesterday i went along to a small seaside village called Tynemouth which is about 40 minutes away from where i live. Even though it was very sunny it was still about 3 degrees. Tynemouth holds a Vintage market nearly every Saturday and Sunday of the year, so saying as i hadn't been in a while i thought i'd pop along. It's held in the towns Metro station and is just full of little gems that you couldn't find anywhere else, i mean it does have it's fair share of junk, but you know- where doesn't?! I took a few snaps while rummaging through the stalls, hope you enjoy!

After browsing through the market for a good hour or so we went down to the beach and had a bite to eat in a small cafe called Cruso's. It was a nice change from going to work or doing school assignments. (plus the hot chocolate was to DIE for!!)
Where's your favourite place to spend a day at?


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