Sunday 16 March 2014

Welcome to my world

I thought, saying as i shared such a huge part of my life with you guys anyways, i might as well share some more with you- my room. My room is quite unusual as it is based on two separate floors: The first floor is a small box room which contains my bed and TV (as it's so tiny i can barely fit in!) And then upstairs is my loft which contains my wardrobes, dressing table and a sofa bed- this is more of a chill out dressing room. So i shall start off with my bedroom..

First of all is i suppose my 'feature' wall, as the majority of my bedroom is quite crazy i like to keep this simple so all i have on this wall is a dream catcher (which i'm obsessed with) and a washing line full of photos- i liked this idea as it allows me to keep my favourite snaps all in view so i don't forget about them!

 Next are my magazine/book storage, here i keep my monthly vogues from last year and some important documents and my sketchbooks and notebooks so they're at easy reach! Next to this is my PINK ukulele which was kindly given to me as a birthday present from my lovely friends Lydia and Lucy. 
This is just (obviously) my window sill which i keep a couple of Christmas cards on, my skull candle and money jar (Urban Outfitters) and a photo of me and my best friend Rebecca at our leavers prom.

 Next is my bedside table (can you notice the reoccurring white theme?) on here is a photo of my mam and grandma from ageeeeees ago, a hip flask (Urban Outfitters), incense burner (camden), lantern (ikea), candle and a tiara. Me and a tiara- me and my friends have a continuous joke of me being a 'princess' and i am very precise with every detail of my life! So this was given to me as a present from my lovely friend Lydia. 

These are my shelves on the other wall of my bedroom, i like to collect lots of little vintage trinket boxes that i find adorable and unique so obviously i needed somewhere to put them all, i also keep all of my jewelry in these boxes and my necklaces hanging on door hooks! There are also a few perfumes and keepsakes (such as my tiffany's bag).  

Next up is my loft dressing room:

This is one half on my wardrobe- now i couldn't find a wardrobe that would fit nicely in my room so my dad (very kindly) put up some rails hidden with white voil- these fit my clothes in ever so nicely. I have these along one corner of my loft.

 This is a small coffee table i have alongside my sofa bed just because i think this seems cute for when people come around for small gatherings! on here i have a milk bottle and pink rose (ikea), a jam jar full of sweeties and current magazines and books i am reading. Recently i have been LOVING company, i love everything from the graphology to the guests they have every month!

And last but certainly not least is my dressing table (i blogged about this in more detail here), on here i have a small round mirror, an empty yankee candle and jam jar in which i keep my regularly used makeup brushes, a candle case which holds my everyday eye makeup, a glass jar full of my lipsticks and a acrylic organizer which holds my bare necessities when it comes to makeup! I also have some pretty bags (boux avenue and a Marylin Monroe gift bag) which holds stuff like moisturizers and deodorant! Hidden beside my dressing table i have a few small wooden draws (ikea) which i keep my eye makeup and other makeup i don't use everyday.

If you could style your room in anyway, how would you do it?


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