Tuesday 6 January 2015

They used to call it the moon

This post is slightly different to my old usual stuff, not because it's a 'New Year, new me' but because i decided it was time for me. For me to be myself and do what makes me happy. We spend our minutes, hours, days trawling the internet looking for the next new celeb to obsess over and mimic. But how often do we decide "no, today is going to be a day of Me" it's not being self obsessed or 'in love with yourself', or maybe it is in a sense. Because if we don't love ourselves, how can anyone else? 

So, anyways, on with my point. Today, was my day of Me. It's been way too long since i picked up a camera and took anything more than a selfie, or group photo. So today, me, myself and my iPhone camera went on a wander around my hometown Newcastle. Even the dullest of places are full of little gems if you look close enough. 

Take a step back. Breathe. And keep your head up.