Saturday 6 September 2014

OOTD: wooly jumpers and fur

Incase you haven't already noticed i am SO EXCITED for Autumn and especially the trends that are out right now. The majority of  the time, when it comes to going out for dinner dates or just a stroll around town, i opt for the wooly jumper/skinny jeans combo.

This look is perfect to dress up of dress down in any way you want. I opted to dress it up a tad with some strappy heels and red lipstick, but to dress it down simply add a big tote bag and some loafers.

I am IN LOVE with this faux fur collar from New Look and was unsure on how to style it but i just chose to use it as a replacement scarf to mix it up a bit (and hopefully it looks okay).


Jumper, shoes & jeans- New Look
Sunglasses- ASOS
Bag- Bershka

Thursday 4 September 2014

Nude on nude

When it comes to makeup looks, i feel they're never complete without a pop of lipstick, no matter how bold or pale it may be, but for me it's a must!
And saying as everbody is going crazy over Miss Kylie Jenners nude lip game, i thought i would let you in on my all time favourite nude lipsticks..
*from left to right: MAC snob // Too faced centerfold // MAC brave // Fearne Cotton*

For me MAC's snob is the perfect summer to autumn transition, with its pinky and lilac undertones it's almost like a frostbitten barbie pink shade.

This lipstick is to die for! If you ignore the fact that my poor baby melted and snapped on holiday, everything about it is just wonderful. It's a perfect nude with gothic purpley undertones *a perfect one if you're not ready to brave the dark colours yet!* I do believe this is discontinued but honeybear / toasted mauve is a very smilar shade.

Next we have the newest addition to my family MAC's brave. I did originally want to go for mehr however, once again, the Kylie Jenner craze took over and no where could get it! sigh. Brave is extremely similar, only just not matte, but, dust some transluscent powder over your lips and hey presto problem solved!!

And last but not least my good old trusty lippy! This, which you will already know if you've read my previous posts, is one of my all time favourite lipsticks EVER. However, i would like to thank Boots and Fearne Cotton for not giving it a name and making it impossible to buy ever again. The colour, the texture, even the tiny gold calligraphy patters on the lid, it's all perfect. If anyone knows where or how i can get my hands on this or something similar pleaaaaase let me know in the comments!!

Nude lipsticks are so easy to wear with any look and hey, you can never look bad wearing nude lips (unless they're attrocious and concealer lips, yuk).

What's your favourite nude lipstick of all time?


Tuesday 2 September 2014

Vintage struggles

Now as a hoarder in every way, shape and form, going vintage shopping is one of my absolute favourite things to do!!
But, especially recently i've began to notice a few things that have changed...
 THE PRICES i mean come on, who's going to pay £30 for a t-shirt that has previously been owned and most likely to have at least one small hole or rip in it. Cause guys, really all of these things are actually just (beautifully brilliant)second hand clothes...
 EVERYBODY AND THEIR NAN probably has it, i used to be able to go into a Vintage shop and find something i had never seen before and something that nobody else would probably have, but now it's just like going into the basics section of Topshop.


At an attempt to find me some reasonably priced and reasonably unique garments, i hit the online stores! Now, i found it easiest to go onto Ebay as most independent vintage stores also advertise their clothes on there too, and i ordered a couple of things:

I know the first thing i purchased wasn't exactly unique because everybody and their nan definitely has one.. But for me a Levi's denim jacket is a staple trend, especially in the autumn. When it comes to colder weather I am the queen of layering and instead of just wearing a tee and a thick coat, i'll throw on a tee, a shirt and a denim jacket, or a big chunky cardi/jumper. So obviously i bought a GIANT size, but, as i said things can get a bit pricey, especially in places such as Urban Outfitters (their renewal part wanted £55 pound!!!) however this was a steal at £19.99 with FREE postage!

The next thing i purchased definitely is unique though (and VERY VERY itchy!) I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but hey, that's what's brilliant about everyone having their own individual style! This was definitely a BARGAIN at £3.50!

Another couple of things i would suggest trying are, Vintage fairs, if you Google vintage fairs in your area i bet LOADS would come up! With this sort of thing lots and lots of independent vintage stores are in competition with each other which means reduced prices! Also, Charity shops, i know a lot of people think it's all junk but if you have the time and patience you can find some absolute steals!! 

What's your favourite autumn trend so far?


(title image sourced from Pinterest)

Monday 1 September 2014

Tattoos: The big debate

You either love 'em or hate 'em right? No matter how you feel about tattoos they're always going to be part of our lives! 

As a 'soon to be' 18 year old, since the age of about 15 i've been obsessed with the idea of a needle permanently marking your skin and creating something so beautiful that you will have forever!! 
I mean i know there has been a few horrors over they years but as long as your careful and do your research, there's about a 0.00001% chance something could go wrong.

Now there is a few things you should consider before plunging into the deep end and taking the gun:

1. Do i really want it? Is this just a phase that you're going through, that you're going to grow out of in a couple of months, if you've wanted a tattoo for more than a year or so i'd say go for it!

2. Am i being pressured into this? Just because i think my boyfriend/girlfriend/friends look cool with them doesn't mean i will..

3. Do i know what i want? Be sure you have your mind set on a design or idea and don't go ahead with it until you're happy, you wont be the only one that wants to tweak their design, i mean you're the one that has to live with it after all. 

4. Have i done my research? This is one of the most crucial parts of your process, don't just walk into the first parlour you see and climb on into the chair, have a look around, speak to people who have tattoos similar to your style. Artists are most likely to have instagram, facebook pages etc.. This is not something to jump into!!

There is semi-permanent options!!

If you're just looking for a quick non-permanent fix for a festival, party or special occasion there's always an alternative to the real thing. Who remembers 'billy stampers'? The fake tattoos that you applied with warm water and they washed off in a few days?! Well Seekers of sun have brought back the trend in the most chic way possible! 

What are your guys opinions on the subject? Let me know in the comments below!!