Saturday 29 March 2014

Quirky storage ideas

Confession #1 of this blog post, i'm a hoarder! I buy way too much stuff i don't need and it get shoved to the back of my cupboards, wardrobes, drawers etc.. Confession #2 of this blog posts, i am completely unorganized when it comes to my own space, everything just always seems to be a mess, and saying as i have such a tiny space to work with when it comes to storage i need to be as clever as i possibly can! 

When it comes to make-up i like to have everything out in front of me soi don't forget what i have! I use a range of glass jars (mainly from Homesense) but for the things i just can't fit onto my dressing table i have small sets of draws from Ikea, i painted these white and they're perfect for arranging everything, they aren't big enough to store things such as palettes so i keep those in a 'posh' bag such as boux avenue, victoria secrets (i think underwear bags are just too pretty to throw away)! I have one of these sets for makeup and another for nail varnish. 

Next is my jewelry, don't you just hate it when all of your necklaces and earrings are shoved in the same jewelry box and you go to find the thing you want and its tangles into seventy other items? Exactly my problem. While browsing through markets and vintage fairs i always come across small trinket boxes that are too pretty not to buy! I think these are great for storing costume jewelry like bracelets etc.. I found two small crystal cherry glasses to set next to my candles on my shelf which are great for keeping my rings as i have wayyyy to many to put away and never see again (remind me to start wearing all of these again). When it came to necklaces i never have the patience to sit and untangle them all so i needed somewhere to hang them. I thought saying as my bedroom seems pretty cramped that the best place to hang them from is the wall! I went to a fabric shop nearby where they also sell curtain fabrics, hooks and rails, these hooks have small patterns engrave onto them which made them look slightly vintage and i thought these would be perfect to hang my necklaces from!

What are your storage techniques, i'd love to learn some more!?



  1. your room looks so nice i love all your quirky ways of storing things! i'd love it if youd comment back xx

  2. wow looks like you've got it covered I especially like the vintage hook idea to hang your necklaces on :)

  3. Hi! I admire your blog, so I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award! In the case that you haven't already been, that is! Here's my post on it if you're interested!

    By the way, these ideas are awesome! I never thought of using an old candle jar for brushes! I currently have mine in a green tea container.

    - Hannah Paige from

  4. Such cute ideas, love the glass for storing rings etc!! I did reply to your comment on my post but it wouldn't let me reply to you specifically (if that makes sense)! xx