Tuesday 18 March 2014

5 a day: basic make-up

When it comes to weekday mornings, the last thing i think about is my appearance. After staying up until stupid o'clock rushing essays, working or blogging the night before i'm practically a zombie by the time 10 to 7 arrives. So i just throw on my basic makeup, a spritz of hairspray and i'm out the door! I thought i'd share with you my '5 a day' top make-up picks for the perfect base/ everyday makeup.
First of all i apply a thin layer of Rimmel Wake me up foundation- i love this as it gives you such a natural glow which makes you look so much more awake! Next i apply my Collection lasting perfection concealer, this is great even to use as an under eye concealer or highlighter as it's amazing coverage and is only about £2.99 (i know!!) I then set my foundation with Rimmel stay matte powder, mainly around my t-zone as that's the oiliest part. Then i'm onto my eyebrows and for this i use Kelly Brook brow beautiful (this is am excellent copy of the benefit brow set but 10x less in price) and lastly i use Maxfactor 2000 calorie mascara which gives you beautiful natural fluttery eyelashes without the hardness!

What are your 5 must-haves?



  1. I totally love the stay awake foundation too I changed to a more expensive one and it's not half as good so I'll be going back to this as soon has my current one runs out lol . I also use the same foundation (great minds think alike! :)). I love wearing Maybelline GREAT LASH water proof very black mascara it's a good old classic mascara and you know what they say if it aint broke don't try and fix it! My fourth must have has to be Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush in shade 050 LIVE PINK it does exactly what it says on the tin long lasting, smudge resistant and the colour is so vibrant it's gives you a instant fresh look! Finally VASELINE LIP BALM THERAPY PETROLEUM JELLY rosy lips is my final must- have not only does it give you subtle pink lips its smells lovely and moisturises them at the same time leaving them nice and soft what's not to like I ask?? hope you like my must- haves as much has I like reading your blog if you ever need any help Jewellery wise for your blog please get in touch I'd be so happy to help you out xoxo

  2. Oooooo i may just have to try the Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush, i'm always in need of a new blusher! Thankyou :) xx

  3. Your welcome let me know what you think, I'm quite pale so it brightens me up quite a lot lol may have to try a different shade next time :) xx