Sunday 16 March 2014

Summer hair

When it comes to hair during winter i always neglect mine. It's always too windy or rainy to ever do anything else than throw it in a messy bun and i think the only suitable dressy do is poker straight. So when it comes to summer, my favourite thing to spend time on is hair. I love the festival look with braids and plaits and messy curls so i thought i'd share with you my style that i've been wearing non-stop lately.
Loose waves: i think this looks is so effortless and lasts for about three days if you keep onto of it by adding in slight curls and spritz of salt spray. 
To do this: I used a babyliss curling iron, i'm sure if it's available to buy anymore so i found one similar here, i took different thickness' of hair from 2-5cm in width and wrapped them tightly round the rod for about 35 seconds in different directions. I chose to have the curls going the opposite way at the front of the hair so i simply just curled the hair away from my face.  after doing one section of hair i'd add a little bit of hairspray to keep in place. Then after curling all of my hair i added plenty of hairspray.
Now i didn't touch my hair afterwards, however if you like your waves to be more loose and natural just run your fingers through the curls and pull down slightly, or brush through with a wide toothed comb. 

What are your favourite hair styles for spring/summer?