Sunday 16 March 2014

i need your help: shoe troubles

It's always been a struggle for me to buy summer shoes and as soon as it gets slightly sunny i feel the need to throw my boots straight to the back of the closet, but then i feel like i have nothing at all to wear.. In the summer i often keep to my vans or converse and by the end i'm just so bored! So this year i've pondered upon trying new styles, earlier this month i purchased a pair of peep toe ballet pumps and i love them. But the today i stumbled upon these:

JELLY SHOES! You have to remember these bad boys if you were a 90's kid. I've never been sure about these as i have no idea how i can style them and whether or not i just look like a huge 3 year old. So, this is where i need your help: please give me so tips and outfit ideas i can wear with these as i think they could be my new obsession. (however i have no idea if i love or hate them yet!!)


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