Wednesday 26 March 2014

pastel nail art

It's been so long since i've experimented with my nails! When i had long nails i used to have to paint them every other day, so when i cut them the colour seemed to last for weeks! So today i decided i would do a very simple tutorial on how to create daisies with a dotting tool! If you don't have a dotting tool i suggest you get one as i think they're amazing- i picked mine up in a nail art set from Topshop.

First of all i filed my nails down to get rid of any jagged edges, then i applied the Rimmel nail nurse rescue as a base coat. As i was going to add colourful nail art i wanted a neutral background colour, so i went for elegant touch pink manicure set and only used the pinky colour (i applied two coats of this, if you wanted it to be denser i'd go for three!)Then using the large side of the dotting tool to create five dots surrounding a (pretendy) circle making sure they touch in the inner corners, i did this with Barry M hi-shine gel effect nail polish in the colour Prickly pear (the lilac colour) and repeated it with Revlon nail enamel in the colour Eclectic (minty green shade). Using the smaller side of the dotting tool i applied Maxfactor colour effects mini nail polish in the colour Pretty in pink (salmon shade)to create some smaller daisies. It doesn't matter if these aren't all symmetric or overlapping, i think the messier the better! Then using Maxfactor colour effects mini nail polish in the colour Mellow Yellow and created the centre of the daisies. 
To finish the look i used Sally Hansen insta-dry top coat, this makes the polish super shiny and dries super quick (if you're as impatient as i am then this is the top coat for you!!). 

I hope you liked this tutorial, i'd love to do some more so please leave me some ideas down in the comments!



  1. Hi i've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) see my blog for the questions :) x

  2. how nice!! ;)

    :* :* Roxie T