Monday 13 October 2014

Halloween excitement

When it comes to change of seasons, nothing gets me more excited than going on Pinterest and looking at inspirational images. As it's October, and coming up to Halloween obviously, i am super excited!!

Even though i'm not having a party or celebrating halloween at home, i think it's always nice to decorate your house/bedroom to get into the spirit. I thought these house ideas we're super cute and easy to do! Especially the empty wine bottles and apple tea lights!


check out my full halloween inspo board on Pinterest

*All images taking from pinterest*

Thursday 9 October 2014

Autumn lips, eyes & nails

Guys, no one understands my excitement for the cold weather, i live for hot drinks, orange leaves and woolly jumpers!! Gaaaaaah! Now with Autumn quickly creeping up on us, i decided to have a rummage through my makeup collection and put away the bright summer shades and replace them with berry tones and daring eye shades. 

When it comes to lips i'm not afraid to try dark tones, the darker the better i say! Well, maybe not black.. So i picked out my top three darkish berry tones. First of all is my all time fave (and a halloween must) MAC Rebel (£15.50), this lipstick has a very bold purple tone, steering away from the normal reddy tones. Next up is a shade i have been wearing non-stop this past week and it's from Collection's 'Gothic glam' range, i purchased this last year but i found a similar one here and it is SUPER cheap at £2.99. Now me and Benefit's Benetint have had a love hate relationship since i first bought it, i've never been sure about the texture or the smell (i know weird) but one thing i do love is the sheer colour it leave on your lips- and that you can build it up as much as you like! *definitely one for those who aren't very brave with lip colour*.

I don't even know where to start when it comes to eye shadows. I have this really bad habit of finding certain shades/palettes that i love and sticking to them for a good 4 month! So when i got given the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette as a birthday present, i knew my other palettes would be neglected. I think rose gold shades go perfectly with berry lips, it just makes the whole makeup look a lot warmer and autumnal! To go along side my naked palette i have a Seventeen shadow pot, i found something similar here (£3.99) as they have been discontinued. And last but not least, is my trusty collection extreme 24h felt tip liner (£2.99) because no eyeshadow look is finished without a bit of eyeliner and this is just the best!!

I cannot leave the house without my nails being painted so when it comes to nail polish, i need ones that will last! An old favourite of mine will always be Barry M nail paint (£2.99) in the shade 365/raspberry, i'm not a fan of pillar box red colours so this warmer shade is perfect for me! I was so upset when Maxfactor stopped selling their Glossfinity nail varnish in the shade ruby fruits, but guess what, THEY BROUGHT IT BACK (wooooo) it's such a beautiful dark berry shade and it's stays super shiny on your nails for days! Last but not least is Essie nail colour (£9.98) in the shade orange, is obvious! Now i know this isn't exactly an autumnal berry colour, but it is super halloweeny and you could do little pumpkin nail art or something!!

What are you favourite lips, eyes & nails tones for autumn?


Tuesday 7 October 2014

Skincare and Makeup haul

So it reached that point in my Beauty cycle where everything seems to just be running out all at the same time, now as much as i love shopping for new makeup, trawling through shops just getting your basics can get pretty boring. So i thought, while i'm here i might as well treat myself and pick up a few new things to try!

First things first- skincare. Now, obviously straight away i grabbed my trusty Garnier micellar cleansing water (£4.99), as i have oily skin i try and use the least amount of beauty cleansing products i can because i feel the more i use, the worse my skin gets. So this is perfect for an all in one cleanse.

Next i picked up a Simple kind to eyes eye make-up remover (£3.49) I absolutely love the Simple products, this eye makeup remover is oil-free thus making sure no extra oil is added into my skin!

 Sanctuary spa for me, used to be a 'christmas only' brand, the kind of products you get in gift sets at christmas and never bought at any other time of the year, but, that was before i was introduced to the specific range for refining pores, evening out blemishes, everything you need as a teenage girl! So today i picked up the Sanctuary exfoliating pore refiner to try, i've not used this before so if anyone has please leave me a review in the comments!!

I am a huge fan of Benefit at the moment, i think the products are amazing, the packaging is to die for and the Christmas gifts are amazinggggg!!! So when browsing through Boots Christmas section and i found the Benefit Pick N Mix, i was in cosmetic heaven! Basically, you can buy 4 miniatures of Benefits best selling items for £15. So i picked up the benefit porefessional primer.
*Top tip: If you're a money saver like me, buying 4 7ml= 28ml for a total of £15, is cheaper than buying the full sized tube for £24.50!!*

Next up- Makeup. Now i may have gone a little overboard and didn't really buy anything i ACTUALLY needed.. But when you're standing at the MAC counter and the ever so beautiful makeup artist is trying on all of these amazingggg products, it's rude to say no! Right???

One thing i did actually need was new foundation, and i can't resist the MAC studio fix fluid, it even smells good!
 I've been searching for a nice nude lipstick, just slightly darker than my natural colour for ages, so when i spyed Honey Love i really was in love.
Lastly from MAC, i've had a quad palette for quite a while now with two pinky tones in and i've never known what to fill it with, so i decided to get a colour i could use for everything, base, inner corner and brow bone, and it turns out nylon is the perfect colour for that.

While we're on the subject of MAC, i had been eyeing up their new concealer/contour sticks that have been released (i think they're about £21.50) HOWEVER, saving myself 2/3rds of the price, i headed over to Maxfactor and picked up a panstik for £6.99. Now i remember when i was little, this was the ONLY foundation my grandma would use, it's a thick and creamy foundation with a super coverage (more like a concealer if you ask me) but it's perfect for contouring! The darkest shade is 'cool copper' which i purchased and it does exactl the same job as the MAC sticks.
I also picked up from Maxfactor a very autumnal nail varnish in the shade ruby fruit.

Do i even have to explain the wonderfullness of Benefit's they're real mascara? No? didn't think so.

Last but not least, i love myself a Matter bronzer, i just think it gives you so much more of a natural looking tan and can also double up as a contourer or even eyeshadow, if you're feeling brave so i picked up this L'oreal bronzer in the shade 06.

If anyone would like to recommed a fourth shade to complete my MAC palette please let me know! I need your help!


Monday 6 October 2014

Come along with me: Wedding edition

The other day i was very kindly invited to attend the wedding of one of my best friend's Mam. It was held at this super cute farm and brewery in the countryside of Northumberland (North East) called High House Farm Brewery.
The wedding was held in the outside barn, decorated by bunting, fairy lights and an array of wild flowers in jam jars. Every decoration had it's own personal touch relating to certain parts of the family, including framed Mills and Boon book covers on the dinner tables!
It was such a beautiful day i couldn't not share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Thursday 2 October 2014

GRWM/OOTD: wedding edition

The other day i attended my friend's Mam's wedding and it was super cute and flowery and so quirky (there will be a second part of this blog post where i take you along with me!).
But for now, i thought i would attempt a Get Ready with me/OOTD for you all!


 As my dress is a 50's style i went for a traditional bold cat eye liner and pastel pink lips, to compliment the pastel shades in my dress. I opted for a meesy beehive style hair as i find it such an easy style to pull off and it meant all f the attention would be on my dress.


Dress- Topshop
Bag- River Island
Shoes- New Look