Sunday 23 March 2014

The world of Pinterest

I was introduced to Pinterest a while back in 2013 but i never really took the time to sit down and figure out how to use it, so today i sat down and created my first proper pin (round of applause please aaaaah)! I decided to do my favourite subject of the moment: spring has sprung. So i thought i'd show you some of my favourite spring looks of the Pinterest world.

I'd like to thank the creators of Pinterest for fueling my new obsession, you'll be seeing a lot of these types of blog posts soon as i can't keep away! I love how there's so many sources coming from every different sense of style possible all in one place for me to scroll through, it's great!!



  1. i absolutely love pinterest.. literally as soon as i got it i was completely addicted! i'd love it if youd comment back xx

  2. High five for being addicted to Pinterest! I seriously can search through the categories for hours. It's also a good source for inspiration :)