Friday 28 February 2014

Welcome to my world

So, today i had my first driving lesson- most terrifying experience of my life!! 
Although we only went to an industrial park, i should not be let loose on the roads alone! And do you know what the hardest part of it was? Steering! I couldn't steer to save my life, starting the car, changing gears- all fine,but when it came to even attempting to turn a corner i almost crashed into a giant red lorry! 
The first thing my instructor said to me before telling me how well i had done "well we almost died, but shit happens."- what a reassuring thing to hear ey? 

Anyways, i thought i'd do my OOTD saying as i feel it's an important memory to mark in my life and what better way to do it but on my fashion blog?!
Today i wore my new white tee with some waxed high waisted leggings (these are a great twist on leather pants and avoid you from getting sweaty thighs! yuk!) Although i have heels on in my photo i did change to some more practical black slip-on vans before "cruising" behind the wheel. 

Shoes, leggings, top and coat- New look
Bag- Bershka

If you have any tip and tricks for driving please do let me know- i need all the help i can get!


  1. Love this outfit, good luck with the driving!

  2. I really like your outfit! Good luck with your driving lessons! It's very scary at first but once you got into it, it's easy!