Friday 21 March 2014

Stress head!

This week for some reason i've had a lovely visit from Mr Anxiety, so it hasn't been the best from me. I thought i best make the best out of a bad situation and turn it into a blog post somehow. So here are my top tips for stopping your stress!

Dinner dates:
Today i finished school at 11 and decided to pop along to the Metrocentre: A hugeeee shopping centre near me, i met my mam for a bite to eat, we went to the cafe in Marks and Spencers (i would never have thought of going there before!) and it was lovely, i chose to have a beef and rocket baguette, greek yogurt and granola and a latte! It was delicious however i did decided i didn't like horse radish! YUK!
Window shopping:
Saying as it's one week away from payday, naturally i'm skint! So i took it upon myself to do a bit of window shopping. While strolling through the shops, to be honest i didn't find a lot of things that completely wowed me (i think this is because it's the change of season!) But i did find this very pretty perspex embellished clutch bag from River Island and i thought this would be perfect to pair with an all white outfit to add a bit of colour!You could place a small colourful makeup bag in there if you're not too sure about the whole see-through issue!
Clear your mind:
When i'm stressed i find the best thing to do is free your mind of all minor facts that have built up and are making you get worked up! The best way to do this for me is to get some fresh air, even if you just go for a small walk- if you're not into that you could even just have a bit of me time in your bedroom listening to some chilled music i found this playlist of some current 2014 chillout songs on iTunes. Me and my friend Rebecca decided to go on a bike ride as it was slightly sunny! I think cycling is the perfect thing to do as i find it enjoyable and keeps you fit at the same time! We decided to go to the local duck pond and followed a path alongside the river Tyne!

Pamper night:
There's no better remedy to relax than running yourself a red hot bath (you know those baths when you get out resembling a walking, talking lobster?) so while i was window shopping i bought myself a bath bomb and ran myself the hottest, bubbliest most relaxing bath ever! Your mind can't be relaxed if your body isn't! I used my favourite Soap and Glory sugar crush body exfoliator and applied my Sanctuary Spa thermal detox mask, laid back and closed my eyes for five. 

Now i'm going to curl up on the sofa and watch a funny upbeat film to keep me in my chilled mood. You definitely can't forget your movie treats as well! What's your favourite things to do to chill yourself out?


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