Tuesday 4 March 2014

What's in my bag?

I thought now would be a good time to do my 'whats in my bag' tag! Don't ask me why, but as i'm getting everything else organised why not my handbag too? After all a clear handbag equals a clear mind! Right? 
This is (for now) my everyday handbag for when i'm not at school! It's from Bershka and was only around £24.99! It's medium in size which means it is perfect in that i don't shove it full with useless crap. It has a long strap which i can throw onto my shoulder if i'm going for a more casual look also.

 Next up is my ever so tatty looking purse! Cream obviously wasn't the best colour for me however it was bought as a present,everything else about this purse i love! It is the perfect size to hold all of my cards and limited money and fits perfectly into my bag. (In the back clasped department i like to keep little memories from places i've been, for example a theatre ticket or birthday badge from and 18th i attended! Guilty for hoarding!) This can be purchased from River Island for around £17.99 and from experience River Island purses last for an extremely long time!

Hair, hair, hair! Now you know how much i love hair i even wrote a blog post on it here so i have to make sure i have the bare necessities in my bag! In here i have a plain black brush (which is specially made for hair with extensions) and a small bottle of Treseme hair spray which i love! And at the bottom of every girls handbag obviously there is always a few kirby grips floating around in there! I also have a bottle of Victoria Secrets body spray in the scent 'Bombshell' Which just smells sooooo delicious and reminds me of Holiday!
Because i get the bus and walk to and from school a lot i need my sunglasses and headphones- i physically cannot get on a bus without headphones as i'm not a fan of talking to people i meet on public transport (unless you're attractive or very funny). As summer is getting nearer i feel the need to carry both my prescription glasses and my sunglasses just in case i want to catch a few rays on my travels!

And last but most certainly not least is my make-up bag! This specific bag is from Victoria Secrets and was about $30 as i bought it on my travels to New York. I particularly love this as its the perfect size to pop into any handbag! Inside my make-up bag i have a tube of Soap and Glory's Hand food which i think is perfect as during school i often get very dry hands- especially being an art student. Next i have my two favourite lipsticks recently which are the Rimmel Matte chubby stick and MAC 'snob', these two shades are just perfect;y subtle for everyday use! Next i have a Rimmel stick concealer as i don't always have time to do a full touch up so i can just cover blemishes quickly with this as it is easy to blend into my foundation. I also have my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade 'translucent' and a brush as i have very oily skin so my face can get very shiny throughout the day! (I also carry a diary and red leather notebook from Paperchase to write down thoughts and ideas that spring to mind while out and about as i am terribly forgetful when it comes to creative things!!)

I hope you enjoy having a nose into the depths of my handbag as not many people get to! 

What are your 'i cant live without' things you MUST carry everyday?