Wednesday 19 March 2014

The signature tag

I've seen a few bloggers doing this posts and i thought it was such a good idea to introduce yourself to the blogging world- so i decided to give it a go. Basically you answer questions based on your 'signature' possessions/looks/personality etc.. 

1. Signature hairstyle?
I definitely have to choose 2, depending on my mood so i'll go for a messy bun or messy curls.
2. Signature scent?
Now this is a bit weird but i love One Million aftershave (yes aftershave) i think it's such a fresh scent and lasts foreverrrr.
3.Signature nail polish?
This was a tricky one because i'm forever painting my nails! But at the moment i'm loving Barry M- Prickly pair, i think its such a cute colour for spring.
4.Signature outfit?
I'm obsessed with my waxed jeans and just pairing them with a baggy tee, also i always throw on a little shift dress if i'm going to work or going out for lunch as i think it just makes me seem more dressy.
5. Signature shoes?
Saying as i'm 5ft 1 i like to wear heels, at the moment i'm loving my black heeled chelsea boots from New Look but i'm on the look out for some new summer heels so please let me know!
6. Signature lipstick?
Now this is my issue. I've had a lipstick for about 2 years now and i got it in a Fearne Cotton set from boots at Christmas, it's such a beautiful nude colour and applys so nicely BUT it doesn't have a name! I KNOW! so apart from that my other at the moment in MAC- snob.
7. Signature colour?
As i've said in all of my previous 'tag' posts i don't have a favourite colour! But i'd have to say my signature colour is lime green, i don't know why but i'm always attracted to it!
8. Signature quote?
"No i don't want to be part of your super secret boyband."- Iron man 2.
9. Signature brand?
For makeup id have to say Rimmel and for clothes as much as i shop in New Look, if i had the money i'd constantly shop in Zara.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more,please comment me yours below, i'd love to get to know more people in the blogging community! I TAG YOU ALL!


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