Tuesday 25 March 2014

My new obsession: Dolce

You know what it's like, when you're strolling through your local department store and the beautiful fragrance women are whispering at you to try THEIR new fragrance, because their's is better than anyone else's. Now by the 3rd lady i'm usually running through the beauty department to escape the clouds of perfume attacking me. But this is one i stopped for. 
Dolce by Dolce&Gabanna is just perfect, i'm not one for fresh floral scents normally as i feel sometimes they can be a little overpowering but this has the perfect balance of sweetness and freshness thrown together. I'll definitely be picking one of these up soon!

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“The nobility of the soul, the elegance of every day gestures, the joy of sharing from generation to generation, and the effortless perfection of a single white flower. This is the picture of Sicily that I carry within me, and the one captured in this delicate fragrance”- Domenico Dolce.

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