Sunday 2 March 2014

The life of a student

As a sixth form student i know from first hand experience how difficult it is just to keep up with assignments, deadlines, revision, work, blogging and having a good social life. So sometimes the last thing on my mind is what i'm going to wear for school the next day. At my particular school i have a set uniform which is white shirt, black jumper, black skirt/trousers and any black shoes and as long as you fit the dress code you're sweet! 
However, sometimes this can get a little boring ad you look like you're a member of the Adam's family. Today i went shopping to grab a few pieces for school so i thought i'd share my twist on a boring uniform with you all!

My first stop was New Look (obviously), i picked up a black jersey swing dress which you can buy here with three quarter sleeves, the thing i like about this dress is the peter pan collar attached to the neckline, i think this just makes it look a lot smarter and gives it a little twist! Next i grabbed a plain white shirt here, this material is quite thick so it is perfect for spring time as sometimes it's not cold enough to wear a jumper but still slightly chilly, this shirt is just very cute as it has small capped sleeves and pleats along the shoulder line, it is slightly fitted because of the darts in the back but still gives you room to move! 

Next on my travels were h&m, i hadn't been in this shop for ages because sometimes i feel like they're hitty missy with certain products, but i think they're perfect for basic every day uniform! First i picked up a plain black skater skirt, i've never owned one of these before as sometimes i feel like they're too long but this was the perfect length, it has a silver zip up the back therefore adds extra detail. I needed a new jumper but i wanted one that i could wear with my new skirt, so preferably a cropped one- this would be harder than i thought! Then i found this cute little long sleeved jumper that sits just about the belly button. The thing i like about this is the indented pattern, it's sort of a vintage aztec style but isn't visible unless you're close up (which means i wont get wrong for it at school). The photo makes it look slightly purple but that's just due to the terrible lighting in my bedroom sorrrrrrry! 

I hope this has helped with uniform choices or even if it's just gave you something fun to read! What do you find pretty but practical for work/uni/college/school?


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