Tuesday 4 March 2014

SLEEK eye palette review

After hearing so many people ranting and raving about sleek being an amazing highstreet brand i thought i better try it for myself, earlier this year while in London i picked up a contour kit and loved it! Ever since i've wanted to try the blushers but they've always been sold out in my nearest store. So, whilst having a brisk browse down the aisles of Superdug i spotted they do eye shadow palettes, i picked up the 'Oh so special' palette which is number 685 of the i-divine range. (I also picked up a MUA blusher- not only was it £1 but it was the perfect peachy shade for an everyday look ,i think this blusher is super pigmented for the price! And is easy to build up depending on how visible you want it to be.)

 My first opinion of the product was ofcourse how pretty the packaging is and how expensive it looked when in reality it's only £7.99! I think the shades are perfect for an all you need spring look as there is a large range of shades, some a lot more pigmented than others. I found the matte shades could be applied a lot easier than the shimmery ones, however i found the shimmery ones alot easier to blend than the darker matte ones.
On the photo below i used 'Organza' across the whole of the lid and blended in 'wrapped up' along the crease, as i was going to a family part i decided to add 'Ribbon' to the tear duct area of the eye to make it a little more dressed up! To finish it off i added white eyeliner along the waterline as i think white eyeliner is a more fresh look for spring/summer.

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