Monday 14 April 2014

Tapered trousers

Now this is a trend i'm in love with! Tapered trousers: they're just perfect for every occasion, whether you're off out on a lunch date, travelling or on a night out. They just look SUPER comfy and as much as i love the saying 'no pain no gain' i do love my comfort. So i thought i'd pick my top 5 for you! (Until i get my hands on some)

New Look:

 These daisy print trousers are so cute, i love the little twist of them having daisies on instead of aztec print, they add a slight innocence to the style. They also just scream summer in your face!
The next ones i found are tribal print and i just love how bold the patterns are all over, they also give off a gradient effect because of the different thickness lines.

I think these have to be my favourite pair from Topshop i've came across so far, the floral pattern is just so pretty and exotic, i love this pattern and i love how thick the waistline is so it can tuck in your tummy!

I also found these tile patterned trousers which have teeny tiny mosaic style patterns all over! I think these would be so great to clash with another style or really big statement jewelry to finish the look.

Last but not least i found these smudge effect trousers from Next, these are slightly different as they have a drawstring top but no tight bottom, almost half trouser half jogger. I also like these as they have a hint of colour in instead of just being monochrome, however you'd be limited as to what other colours to wear!

Although they're trousers the material is super thin for those scorching summer nights! 

What's your favourite trend so far?



  1. I love this trend as well, so comfy to wear X


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