Saturday 12 April 2014

Swish into summer: in aid of NSPCC

Earlier this week i went to a charity event called 'Swish into Summer' that my lovely cousin Joanna and her boyfriend Kieth had arranged! Basically the aim of the night is, you take 3 items of clothing (that you no longer need) and swap them with other people's clothing there. It was super fun because it's practically a free for all and there's raffles, jewelry stalls and loads of other people promoting their business.  I took a leather jacket, a bag and some heels and in return got a top, jumper and a skirt! Even if you're not taking part in the clothes swap it's such an entertaining evening!

The event was held in a cocktail bar in Newcastle called the living room. When you went in you were given a token for a free cocktail and got your chance to buy raffle tickets! There was a beautiful Jewelry store called bcharmed boutique, she started off her business by having a stall at Tynemouth market and now she has a boutique store! I also won an appointment to get Biosculpture nails (worth £35) which is always a bonus!)
My extremely wonderful cousin raised over £700 just from one night of entertainment and i'm super proud of her! To find out more about what the NSPCC is all about, or to see how you can help click here.

What i wore:
Top- New Look
Jeggings- Zara


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