Sunday 6 April 2014

April goals and aims

Can you believe we're already 4 months into 2014?! It doesn't seem two minutes since New Year! Saying as this time of the year is particularly stressful for me what with exams, coursework, exhibitions and deadline i though i'd make a list of things i want achieve during April or throughout this year starting this month. I've seen a few people do this and i think it's such a good idea!

1. I've just started going to the gym so i really need to keep this up saying as i've just dedicated a chunk of my months wages each month! And i need to get toned for my holiday in July.

2. Be more adventurous when trying new beauty products, i often stick to just a few makes when browsing through drugstores and department stores so this month i want to be more adventurous!

3. On the note of shopping, this month i need to keep my distance from stores and only buy what i desperately need! 

4. Just say yes, this was actually one of New Years resolutions and it just went down the plughole sort of, so i'm going to give it another go! If i can't think of a genuine excuse not to do something, then do it!

5. Think about creating my first Youtube video, now i know this is super adventurous for my tiny little blog that hardly anyone reads, but i think it seems fun. Eventhough i'll need loads and loads and loads of help (feel free to offer any advice you have!).

What are your aims and goals of this month/year?


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