Tuesday 1 April 2014

March favourites

The end of march always excited me for the upcoming events, Easter of course! And this year bank holiday, in the North East we normally celebrate by going out on Easter Sunday and partying all day (i mean what else are Geordies meant to do to celebrate?!)But when i looked back over march, trying to pick my favourites turned out to be quite tricky, it seems like the start of this year has just flown over so quickly! So i apologize if this seems a bit blankety blank in some areas, none the less lets get started!

Just so i get it out of my system, DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? Frozen came out on the 31st of March and after not seeing it at the cinema but still somehow knowing every line of every song off by heart i had to get it! And i love it! I absolutely love the twist of the two sisters saving each other at the end instead of the oh very typical 'prince charming'. Next is my moisturiser, now i have a constant battle with my t-zone as i have quite oily skin, so applying a layer of moisturiser before foundation makes me feel super super cakey and sticky, yuk! So when i came across this i was amazed, although it is still a moisturiser it's almost feels like a gel when applied to the face, it makes my face feel so much more fresh and awake than my old moisturiser. I also have very sensitive skin so i love the simple range as it's one of the few things that keeps my skin calm! (Added bonus: the gel texture works great as a primer as it makes your foundation feel super matte). Orange, orange and more orange! I can't get enough of this colour whether it's on my nails, lips, cheeks or clothes, i love it. My two top picks of nail varnish this month are Rimmel's i love lasting nail polish in the shade coral and Essie nail colour in the shade orange, is obvious! Both last forever when applied, The Rimmel shade is more of a dull orange wheres the Essie shade is a 'right in your face' orange. Lastly, lips. This month as i've been super busy i haven't often experimented with lips, however i did discover one new love: nude lip liner. Now i don't often wear lip liner as i feel my lips are full enough just with the normal lipstick, but lately i've been loving Max Factor colour elixir lip liner in the shade blush, it's sort of a pinky nude shade and i pair this with a clear or nude gloss (or even carmex), just for a fuller natural look!


The look that i've been loving this month is natural bronzed! I found this look on Pinterest and i just think it's super glam. It's very Kim K and i just think it would suit any face shape and go with any day to night look! The palette i thought would be perfect for this is obviously: naked 3 by Urban Decay, i know everyone's probably super sick of hearing about this but i'm soooo desperate the get my hands on it!!! The shades are perfect to make this look perfect for spring time. 

Online shopping- everyone's one true love. Now i'm a big believer in keeping the high street alive and going window shopping even just once a week but when you're trying to juggle working, assignments, social life and everything else (being ill is one for me to add these past two weeks) sometimes it's just so much easier to open up your laptop or even your phone and do a bit of retail therapy. The two shops i've been loving this month are Boohoo.com and feelunique.com, i recently ordered some products using my phone on Feel Unique and it was sooo simple and you have practically every single brand of makeup right at your fingertips! I do have to say that my bank balance is not enjoying this new love of mine as it's slowly shrinking!

what are your favourite products/ food/ tv shows/ movies/ discoveries of March? 



  1. Frozen is definitely my favourite film! I'm obsessed :) http://rachelcoco.blogspot.co.uk

    1. i'm so obsessed i'm currently watching it while typing this hehe xx

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  3. I havent seen Frozen....is that bad! xxx