Thursday 13 February 2014

Mini London haul

Spring is approaching us quicker than ever (well it seems that way) and as i sat, staring into my extremely crammed wardrobe, what was i thinking?- There's room in there for more!! So ofcourse, Oxford street was the perfect excuse to scratch my little plastic debit card even more- i'm not even joking i swear the chip side is thinner now! Here's a few of my favorites from my trip away: 

My first stop was Superdrug (strangely as i have one five minutes away from home). Everybody has been ranting and raving about Sleeks contour kits so i thought i'd give it a go, i have to say it has to be one of the best things I've purchased! At the bargain price of £6.49 i thought it may not be as good as everyone said it was, but i was soon proved wrong! I definitely need to stock up. Alongside this i purchased a few Real Techniques brushes, i only bought my first one the other week and i already want a full set! I need more!!! *crazy old woman voice*
Next on my adventure was Bershka. Now we used to have one of these in the shopping center near where i live but for some reason it dissapeared- this shop is amazing. I have to say i did spend quite a bit in here (but that's okay), this bag is the perfect size as i am one of those "fill your bag to the brim of random crap" kind of people, i can't be the only one can i? It has a few small pockets and a detachable long strap which is perfect for school or if you have a lot on your hands! Another thing i love about this bag is the texture, i mean i don't just go around stroking bags but you know, i just couldn't resist. How can i explain it, its sort of a matte soft leather, but not as soft as suede so it is super easy to wipe clean!!

Working in New Look it's quite hard to resist having a sneak peek in other stores to see what it's like (and of course abuse my discount card)!! i picked up a couple of things in here but this is my favourite by far, kimonos are such a great thing just to throw on at home or on holiday over a cami and jeans or a on top of a bikini! this one is about knee length on me (short person problems) so i just teamed it with a black cami, waxed jeans and leather ankle boots with a small heel. Very festival-chique. 

And last but DEFINITELY not least, is this beautiful barbie pink shift dress from River Island in the Chelsea Girl range. Now according to my (very knowledgeable) mother Chelsea Girl was a shop in the 70's-80's which is now known as River Island *light bulb goes off*. This little number was only £25 and is perfectly made, for the price there is no shabby workman ship, it is beautifully finished. The low cut front and cute pockets on either side keep in tone with the ranges era perfectly.And just to make it even prettier, a small black and gold flower buttons acts as a perfect fastening onto of the teardrop cut out piece on the back. 

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