Tuesday 25 February 2014


Big hair has always been a part of my life, from being a backcombed 13 year old, to rocking huuuuge wavy curls on night out. So i thought i'd talk about two of my favourite hair products recently that i now could not live without! The first i picked up a few months ago as it seemed to be the trend and that is Charles Worthington rough & tousled salt spray (about £5.99) now this stuff is great for giving your hair slight texture if you're not feeling the poker straight vibes. The only thing wrong is that it leaves your hair feeling quite stiff (remember when you were little and you'd get ice cream or something stuck in your hair?) and if you're not careful you might end up with a bit of a tat, so use it in moderation! Next item i found was the Tresemme salon fresh hairspray, i only bought a travel size bottle of this- for testing purposes but i love it, living in England, the only weather you get is wind and rain. This protects your hair from both!! After neglecting my hair and only using Boots own make hairspray for years (I KNOW) this is like heaven in small canister form! 
I added a small amount before going to work last night and just styled my hair by scrunching it and adding hairspray- no backcombing needed!!

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