Thursday 26 February 2015

Booking a holiday as clueless teens

Now when it comes to booking holidays in the past, obviously I have had my little input of "oooo yeah that looks nice" or "it better have a pool Mam!" But never have I been put in charge of researching countries, hotels, prices, flights. 

The year of 2015 was the year I had to take charge. Being the one out of my friend group who has their head screwed on (yes I said it and I don't care)does have some benefits, having main choice of country and hotel. However, even just with 3 of us going it was super hard to keep everyone happy! So I thought I would share with you some of the struggles I came across while booking our first girls holiday...

Finding a place and price to suit everyone:
As we are 3 teenage girls who only work part time (and the other two are still at school) we really had to budget ourselves realistically. Santorini was our first option but after looking at prices we knew it was an impossible target, so the search continued... 
After trawling the internet for a good two days we decided it would be best to go and let the professionals have a go, so along we went to the travel agents. 
We basically just told her what our price range was and that we wanted a chilled holiday with the option of beach bars etc if we wanted them. To our total surprise "oh theres a reaaaally good deal for Santorini here girls!" Basically depending on what time of the year you book (January for us) some hotels have huge discounts because they want your business! There was nothing wrong with the hotel it was purely just because we had booked in January.

So I would highly recommend doing your research online so you have sort of an idea of what you want and then letting the professionals do the rest! (Especially when it's your first holiday alone)

What kind of holiday you want to go on:

This is a huge part of booking the right holiday, there's no point in taking a trip to Magaluf if you want a Skiing holiday is there! (Okay I know that was a drastic example) But if it is a party holiday you're wanting then have a look at club 18-30 holidays that will have a rep who promises always to get you "mortal". 

If it's an action packed skiing holiday, a chilled beach holiday, or even a city break, there will always be a specific brochure waiting for you!

Choosing your hotel:

Lets be realistic here, if you're paying £400 pound for a weeks holiday you can't expect to be put up in a 5* All inclusive on-the-beach joint can you? It's all about reviews and research again, check out tripadvisor before booking ANYTHING because it may look perfect from the outside but my god we don't want a Inbetweeners moment do we! 
Just think, does it have everything we need? Is it clean? Will I feel safe? 

Do you guys have any tips on booking your first holiday? Or even any bad experiences? Share your wisdom with others in the comments!


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