Tuesday 10 February 2015

Weekend warrior: packing for city breaks

There's nothing i love more than getting away from the North East for a few days to clear my mind and just to experience something new! This time it's to London. 

When it comes to packing i have lists upon lists of things to do, what to pack, where to eat, schedules! But it never seems to work. So this is my go-to guide of how to pack for a City break.

Basic make-up: now i don't know about you but when it comes to being away, i want to experience everything i can! This means packing a lot of stuff into a short space of time, so i don't want to be wasting time doing my makeup and hair etc.. Take a basic set of makeup and some dry shampoo to touch up on everything quickly!

Change of clothes: i'm guessing most of you would take a small suitcase/holdall with you, so realistically not a lot will fit in, think about what you will be doing when you're there. For me, i'll be going shopping, therefor i'll more than likely buy a new outfit for the night/next day. So i will be taking a dressy pair of shoes (for the evening) and a fresh top (for the next day) and a few bits and pieces such as underwear, pyjamas and a hat. 

Is it easy to carry: The suitcase i'm taking is 'cabin size' with four wheels therefore it's super easy to carry round (getting on and off the tube). My tan bag from topshop has a longer strap so both hands will be free. I'll also be taking a carrier bag (Victoria secrets) however this just contains food for the trip which i will dispose of before we get to London. Ideally, both of your hands will be free so there's less risk of you falling or dropping things!

What are your top tips for when you go away? And do you guys have any trips planned soon?


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