Monday, 14 April 2014

Tapered trousers

Now this is a trend i'm in love with! Tapered trousers: they're just perfect for every occasion, whether you're off out on a lunch date, travelling or on a night out. They just look SUPER comfy and as much as i love the saying 'no pain no gain' i do love my comfort. So i thought i'd pick my top 5 for you! (Until i get my hands on some)

New Look:

 These daisy print trousers are so cute, i love the little twist of them having daisies on instead of aztec print, they add a slight innocence to the style. They also just scream summer in your face!
The next ones i found are tribal print and i just love how bold the patterns are all over, they also give off a gradient effect because of the different thickness lines.

I think these have to be my favourite pair from Topshop i've came across so far, the floral pattern is just so pretty and exotic, i love this pattern and i love how thick the waistline is so it can tuck in your tummy!

I also found these tile patterned trousers which have teeny tiny mosaic style patterns all over! I think these would be so great to clash with another style or really big statement jewelry to finish the look.

Last but not least i found these smudge effect trousers from Next, these are slightly different as they have a drawstring top but no tight bottom, almost half trouser half jogger. I also like these as they have a hint of colour in instead of just being monochrome, however you'd be limited as to what other colours to wear!

Although they're trousers the material is super thin for those scorching summer nights! 

What's your favourite trend so far?


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Summer Ball outfit

I FINALLY got my hands on my Summer Ball dress, after being absolutely devastated after finding out it wasn't on the Topshop website anymore, i was super happy when i discovered it in the Metro centre store!! 

My school's sixth form holds a ball each summer as sort of a 'yey exams are over lets party' kind of thing. But it's never really a dressy event as most people go out clubbing afterwards. But i thought i'd share with you guys anyways what i've bought! 

The dress has teeny black and white dog tooth detailing all over it and i just love the rose gold zip detail at the back of the dress. Top tip: it's almost impossible to wear a bra with this dress but because of the all over patter it hides any 'oh my god its so cold' moments if you get what i mean.

I'd like to apologise for the appalling quality pictures but I will do a proper blog post on the event in the future! This dress was £38 from Topshop (but as i said earlier it's not available on line anymore!), my bag is from River Island (it's currently in the sale for £15 so quickkkkk) and it's just a small pastel satchel, but i've tucked the straps in to turn it into a clutch! And in-keeping with the 60's vibe i chose to pair it with some extremely hard to walk in white sling back stilettos from Primark at the bargain price of £10!

i'm not sure of my accessories and hair/make-up yet. If you guys have any idea please do let me know!


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Swish into summer: in aid of NSPCC

Earlier this week i went to a charity event called 'Swish into Summer' that my lovely cousin Joanna and her boyfriend Kieth had arranged! Basically the aim of the night is, you take 3 items of clothing (that you no longer need) and swap them with other people's clothing there. It was super fun because it's practically a free for all and there's raffles, jewelry stalls and loads of other people promoting their business.  I took a leather jacket, a bag and some heels and in return got a top, jumper and a skirt! Even if you're not taking part in the clothes swap it's such an entertaining evening!

The event was held in a cocktail bar in Newcastle called the living room. When you went in you were given a token for a free cocktail and got your chance to buy raffle tickets! There was a beautiful Jewelry store called bcharmed boutique, she started off her business by having a stall at Tynemouth market and now she has a boutique store! I also won an appointment to get Biosculpture nails (worth £35) which is always a bonus!)
My extremely wonderful cousin raised over £700 just from one night of entertainment and i'm super proud of her! To find out more about what the NSPCC is all about, or to see how you can help click here.

What i wore:
Top- New Look
Jeggings- Zara


Friday, 11 April 2014


I did it guys. I bought a big floppy hat! The only downside of this- i didn't realise how big the hat was compared to my very small head. But God loves a tryer, right?! 

I think playsuits are the perfect transition from Spring to Summer as you can pair them with tights and boots for a festival-ish look! I got this black strappy playsuit from New look and paired it with tights and my Chelsea boots. Although i didn't actually wear the hat out (as it's definitely not warm enough or sunny enough yet!) i purchased this one from Matalan for £6.

What's your go-to Spring transition piece?


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Remember when: individual lashes

I've decided to do sort of a blast from the past blog post today, kind of like a 'why did i ever stop using these?!' light bulb moment hit me when i discovered individual lashes again in Salon Services (this is a trade only beauty shop but you can find them in boots here or any drugstore). 

Remember when you were a young teenager experimenting with your Miss Sporty makeup? Yeah, well that's when i discovered lashes for the first time, now obviously i had no idea how to apply them and i feel like that's why i discarded them for life, so i thought well why not give them a second chance! And i love them!! I always find it super hard to find strip lashes that suit the shape of my eye but still have a natural look, so with  a bit of experimentation i found the perfect style!

I was super happy with the results (apart from the bit of white fluff that attached itself -_-) and the best thing is that they come in a range of sizes so you can wear them for practically any occasion!

individual lashes- eyelure
eyelash glue- eyelure
(both are similar but just as effective!)

What have you rediscovered in your beauty collection lately?


Monday, 7 April 2014


When i'm not at sixth form i love to spend time experimenting with my make-up and trying new tutorials that i've been bursting to try!! So, here is my first of many OOTD/FOTD.

I thought i'd go for quite a nude/ bronze look because i think this look is so beautiful no matter where you're going, for the first time ever i used my MAC bronzer as an eyeshadow base and built on it with more glittery shades from my naked 2 palette and my Sleek oh so special palette.

For my hair, i fancied a bit of a change and when reading Zoella's blog i took inspiration from her Milkmaid braid and thought i'd give it a go. Overall i think the style turned out well, i just need to perfect hiding the bobbles an clips on top of my head!

And for my outfit, yes you guessed it, some sort of baggy style dress. Today my choice was a floral tunic dress from New Look one similar here, i paired this with some black heel chelsea boots and my pastel blue Satchel one similar here

Bronzer- MAC


Sunday, 6 April 2014

April goals and aims

Can you believe we're already 4 months into 2014?! It doesn't seem two minutes since New Year! Saying as this time of the year is particularly stressful for me what with exams, coursework, exhibitions and deadline i though i'd make a list of things i want achieve during April or throughout this year starting this month. I've seen a few people do this and i think it's such a good idea!

1. I've just started going to the gym so i really need to keep this up saying as i've just dedicated a chunk of my months wages each month! And i need to get toned for my holiday in July.

2. Be more adventurous when trying new beauty products, i often stick to just a few makes when browsing through drugstores and department stores so this month i want to be more adventurous!

3. On the note of shopping, this month i need to keep my distance from stores and only buy what i desperately need! 

4. Just say yes, this was actually one of New Years resolutions and it just went down the plughole sort of, so i'm going to give it another go! If i can't think of a genuine excuse not to do something, then do it!

5. Think about creating my first Youtube video, now i know this is super adventurous for my tiny little blog that hardly anyone reads, but i think it seems fun. Eventhough i'll need loads and loads and loads of help (feel free to offer any advice you have!).

What are your aims and goals of this month/year?


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Nothing excites me more than thinking of 2 weeks full of lie in's and no minute to minute schedule! So to set off the Easter theme of the holidays me and my friend Rebecca made cute little crispy cakes!

We decided to make 2/3 with galaxy honeycomb and 1/3 with milkybar white chocolate! Perfect choices, how cute are the bunny cupcake cases too?! We topped them with mini eggs and marshmallows to give them an Eastery feel!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tanya Burr: lips and nails review

Finally!! I have my hands on some of the beautiful Tanya Burr's cosmetics, when there was new of this first happening i was super excited but for some reason i haven't got my hands on the until today! My choices from the lips and nails range were lip gloss in the shade 'Picnic in the park' and a nail varnish in the shade 'bright and early'. I'm always weary when ordering colours off the internet because you never know if they're going to look the same in real life, but there was no worries with these! Both are a coral-pinkish shade and are perfect for summer. 

 I applied the lip gloss just onto my natural lip colour and it gave an excellent coverage, however would still look perfect on top of a lipstick to add a sheen! It isn't sticky at all and feels very moisturising. I love love love the nail varnish!! Words can't describe how happy i am with this product, the coverage was almost perfect even with just one coat and its super shiny, i did apply Sally Hansen's insta-dri top coat just for convenience even if it does add extra shine to the finish! I will definitely be purchasing more of these when they come to Superdrug stores!!!

The incredible Tanya Burr even replied, favourited and retweeted my tweet when i uploaded a picture of my nails! I was super super super excited and still haven't quite gotten over it (major fangirl moment right here). 

Have you tired the products yet? What do you think?


Twitter- here
Tanya's blog- here

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Summer ball dream outfit

At my Sixth form every year the students attend a summer ball, it's kind of like a prom but not as formal and we all sit down on big tables and have a meal. So of course, the first thing that comes to mind is- What on earth am i going to wear?! I thought i'd do a fun little blog post on what my DREAM outfit would be, as there's no way i'll ever actually get this outfit! (I don't know why i have two different bags)

I'm absolutely in love with 1920's style dresses, as the dress is super detailed i thought i'd keep the rest of the outfit quite laid back, i'd style this with loose curls or a 20's style up do alongside nude make-up.

Bag (lime green)- Ted Baker
Bag (black)-Ted Baker
Shoes- ASOS


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March favourites

The end of march always excited me for the upcoming events, Easter of course! And this year bank holiday, in the North East we normally celebrate by going out on Easter Sunday and partying all day (i mean what else are Geordies meant to do to celebrate?!)But when i looked back over march, trying to pick my favourites turned out to be quite tricky, it seems like the start of this year has just flown over so quickly! So i apologize if this seems a bit blankety blank in some areas, none the less lets get started!

Just so i get it out of my system, DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? Frozen came out on the 31st of March and after not seeing it at the cinema but still somehow knowing every line of every song off by heart i had to get it! And i love it! I absolutely love the twist of the two sisters saving each other at the end instead of the oh very typical 'prince charming'. Next is my moisturiser, now i have a constant battle with my t-zone as i have quite oily skin, so applying a layer of moisturiser before foundation makes me feel super super cakey and sticky, yuk! So when i came across this i was amazed, although it is still a moisturiser it's almost feels like a gel when applied to the face, it makes my face feel so much more fresh and awake than my old moisturiser. I also have very sensitive skin so i love the simple range as it's one of the few things that keeps my skin calm! (Added bonus: the gel texture works great as a primer as it makes your foundation feel super matte). Orange, orange and more orange! I can't get enough of this colour whether it's on my nails, lips, cheeks or clothes, i love it. My two top picks of nail varnish this month are Rimmel's i love lasting nail polish in the shade coral and Essie nail colour in the shade orange, is obvious! Both last forever when applied, The Rimmel shade is more of a dull orange wheres the Essie shade is a 'right in your face' orange. Lastly, lips. This month as i've been super busy i haven't often experimented with lips, however i did discover one new love: nude lip liner. Now i don't often wear lip liner as i feel my lips are full enough just with the normal lipstick, but lately i've been loving Max Factor colour elixir lip liner in the shade blush, it's sort of a pinky nude shade and i pair this with a clear or nude gloss (or even carmex), just for a fuller natural look!


The look that i've been loving this month is natural bronzed! I found this look on Pinterest and i just think it's super glam. It's very Kim K and i just think it would suit any face shape and go with any day to night look! The palette i thought would be perfect for this is obviously: naked 3 by Urban Decay, i know everyone's probably super sick of hearing about this but i'm soooo desperate the get my hands on it!!! The shades are perfect to make this look perfect for spring time. 

Online shopping- everyone's one true love. Now i'm a big believer in keeping the high street alive and going window shopping even just once a week but when you're trying to juggle working, assignments, social life and everything else (being ill is one for me to add these past two weeks) sometimes it's just so much easier to open up your laptop or even your phone and do a bit of retail therapy. The two shops i've been loving this month are and, i recently ordered some products using my phone on Feel Unique and it was sooo simple and you have practically every single brand of makeup right at your fingertips! I do have to say that my bank balance is not enjoying this new love of mine as it's slowly shrinking!

what are your favourite products/ food/ tv shows/ movies/ discoveries of March?