Thursday 20 March 2014

Audrey Hepburn (breakfast at Tiffany's) inspired look

As this is my first try at an 'inspired look' i thought i'd go for one of my all time favourites- Audrey. Now i know tons of people in the blogging world have probably already done this and i am in no way at all a makeup experts, but i thought i might aswell give it a try, why not ey?

I started off by applying simple oil balancing moisturizer which mean ti didn't feel the need to use a primer. Then i applied my base of Rimmel wake me up foundation and Collection lasting finish concealer. As Ms Hepburn has extremely beautiful cheekbones i contoured mine using the Sleek contouring kit and gently brushed it along my cheekbone line making it gradually darker the higher up the cheek i got, then adding a small bit of blusher to add a bronzed glow and to slightly contour the nose. For the blush i used a Natural collection mineral blush in quite a dark pink shade as i wanted the main focus to be on the contouring. When it came to brows, i found it hard to imitate Ms Hepburns statement winged look, i made the first part of my brown quite thick and then just winged out the ends in quite a straight and blunt line using my Kelly Brook brow kit.

Then for the eyes. I primed my eyes with the Too Faced shadow insurance and used Foxy from the Urban decay naked palette as a base all of the way around my eye. I then used the colour tease to boldly contour the natural curve of the socket, i didn't need to blend this a lot so i used a blending blush to apply bootycall in the inner corner of the eye and blended it slightly into tease, i also put it under my eye along my bottom lash line. I then used mac gel liner, now i don't often use gel liner as i find it quite fiddly and messy but this was perfect to replicate the thick winged cat eye that Ms Hepburn always has! As Audrey's eyes still seem perfectly bright i used a white Bojours eyeliner along my bottom waterline to make them seem larger and sparkle. Naturally i have an extra set of eyelashes on each eye (lucky me) i didn't think i needed false eyelashes as i can get a full look quite easily, so i curled my eyelashes and applied Maxfactor excess volume- using only step 1, and then applied Maxfactor's 200 calorie to thicken my lashes up.
For lips i wanted to keep the look quite nude but with a hint of colour to compliment the cheeks. I used my favourite Fearne Cotton lipstick (which doesn't have a name!!) then added a peachy colour lipgloss over the top.

I hope i did a good job on my first try and this is the finished look! I'd love to do more of these so please let me know what you want to see. All of the shades of products i've used are below:


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