Tuesday 2 September 2014

Vintage struggles

Now as a hoarder in every way, shape and form, going vintage shopping is one of my absolute favourite things to do!!
But, especially recently i've began to notice a few things that have changed...
 THE PRICES i mean come on, who's going to pay £30 for a t-shirt that has previously been owned and most likely to have at least one small hole or rip in it. Cause guys, really all of these things are actually just (beautifully brilliant)second hand clothes...
 EVERYBODY AND THEIR NAN probably has it, i used to be able to go into a Vintage shop and find something i had never seen before and something that nobody else would probably have, but now it's just like going into the basics section of Topshop.


At an attempt to find me some reasonably priced and reasonably unique garments, i hit the online stores! Now, i found it easiest to go onto Ebay as most independent vintage stores also advertise their clothes on there too, and i ordered a couple of things:

I know the first thing i purchased wasn't exactly unique because everybody and their nan definitely has one.. But for me a Levi's denim jacket is a staple trend, especially in the autumn. When it comes to colder weather I am the queen of layering and instead of just wearing a tee and a thick coat, i'll throw on a tee, a shirt and a denim jacket, or a big chunky cardi/jumper. So obviously i bought a GIANT size, but, as i said things can get a bit pricey, especially in places such as Urban Outfitters (their renewal part wanted £55 pound!!!) however this was a steal at £19.99 with FREE postage!

The next thing i purchased definitely is unique though (and VERY VERY itchy!) I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but hey, that's what's brilliant about everyone having their own individual style! This was definitely a BARGAIN at £3.50!

Another couple of things i would suggest trying are, Vintage fairs, if you Google vintage fairs in your area i bet LOADS would come up! With this sort of thing lots and lots of independent vintage stores are in competition with each other which means reduced prices! Also, Charity shops, i know a lot of people think it's all junk but if you have the time and patience you can find some absolute steals!! 

What's your favourite autumn trend so far?


(title image sourced from Pinterest)

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